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Compression control

The C2P Reservoir comes in two varieties; one is a 52mm type with a separator piston and a version that is a 46mm type with a choice of either a separator piston or bladder. The 46mm version comes in lengths from 70mm to 350mm. The bladder lengths range from 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 140mm.

Single Adjustable Compression Reservoir


The C2P integrated low and high speed compression adjustable reservoir unit has one adjuster with the choice of needle tapers ranging from 2 degrees to 12 degrees in 2 degree increments, and a blow off check valve with springs ranging from 0.65 kilo to 7 kilo specs for outstanding range capabilities to coincide with the desired valves.

Double Adjustable Compression Reservoir


The C2P independent low and high speed circuit reservoir unit provides a low speed adjuster with the option of needle tapers ranging from 2 degrees to 12 degrees in 2 degree increments. The high speed adjuster has two options to pick from. The first is for standard travel and flow specs, with springs ranging from 0,65 kilo to 7 kilo, and a second version with a crow valve to accommodate higher flow and long travel capabilities with the same 0,65 to 7 kilo spring specs.

Dual Adjustable Preload Compression Reservoir


The C2P double adjustable compression adjuster has enormous range with low and high speed adjustments. The unique aspects of this unit includes a 20mm piston with adjustable valve stacks utilizing 6mm and 8mm shims for a variety of valve settings for the desired compression control forces, and a choice of 2 piston configurations. The first is the standard flow area version and one to change the flow by altering the port to the desired size for increased flow rates. The increased flow rates will accommodate the use of 16mm, 18mm & 22mm shaft sizes.

Triple Adjustable Compression Reservoir


The C2P triple adjustable version has in dependent low and high speed adjusters, but has a third adjuster which acts as a bleed for the high speed adjust the flow and range capabilities.

Adjustable Expansion Reservoir (SNR)


The C2P expansion reservoir is an additional 35mm reservoir that enlarges the chamber of nitrogen with unique adjustable characteristic that controls the flow.